Corn stalk/grass/alfalfa silage making machine can automatically bale and wrap film straw, grass, silage, peanut vine, grinded cornstalk for process of purchasing, storing and transporting and be widely used for animal husbandry, paper industry, with the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, strong and durable, easy for maintenance, high efficiency, high baling density, etc.

silage baler
silage roll baler

The main feature of Automatic mini corn silage making machine

1.9YQG-0.5 Silage Round Baling & Film Wrapping Machine is a specialized machine that can bale and wrap film on straw and forage grass only in one processing progress;

2.Operating by 2 workers, high efficiency, low labor cost and low transportation cost;

3.Easy operating, high baling density, compact machine structure, nice appearance, strong and durable, less vibration, low power consumption, simple maintenance, low labor cost;

silage baler diameter
automatic roll baler