Horizontal chicken feed mixing machine is the second key part of a complete feed pellet production line used to mix the dry ingredients well. Because of variety of raw materials particles, it is necessary to mix them together.

It is also designed with nozzles which liquid ingredients may be added and blended with dry ingredients to make a homogeneous mixture of all.

Shandong double crane brand SH series horizontal ribbon feed mixing/mixer machine for pig/chicken/cattle/poultry/animal feed is designed with high homogeneity, short mixing time, less residue, good sealing effect without leakage. Our SLHY0.5 feed mixing machine widely is used in feed powder making uint and feed pellet making line to meet the different animal taste.

Horizontal feed mixing machine
feed mixer and grinder
Feed mixing plant

Working principle & basice structure for animal fermented feed mixer

A screw conveyor or bucket elevator is match with feed mixer as a feeding device, there is two feeding devices, one is to transport the main crushed ingredients particles or powder , the other is for lifting the auxiliary ingredients such as vitaimin,amino acid and so on. There is two inlets on the top of feed mixer to receive the above ingredients.

Some animals like to weet taste feed pellet , molasses or lquid flavoured ingredients can be added with a few atmizing nozzles.You can observe the ingredients feeding and mixing condition by view port.

The “twin-spiral” mixer consists of a horizontal, stationary, half-cylinder with revolving helical ribbons placed on a central shaft so as to move materials from one end to the other as the shaft and ribbon rotate inside.

Finally the final product is unloading by the dicharge system with controll manual valve gate.