Main features of  Double Crane water drop hammer mill

  1. SFSP Series water drop type hammer mill can crush all kinds of granular feed ingredients, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, the broken soybean cake and other materials. Also used for grinding raw materials by large and medium livestock and aqua feed mills. It can also be used for grass and pharmacy fine grinding.
  2. Special abrasion resistant hammer structure can destroy the circulation layer of the materials and realize secondary crushing and improve the crushing efficiency.
  3. Quick start spring type pressure mesh structure makes it more convenient to change the mesh and tighter and safe.
  4. Rotors are under a lot of precision inspection such as dynamic and static balance as well as vibration resistance to make sure more stable operation.
  5. The hammer mill is equipped with automation controlled feeder to reach feeding material adjustment(option)
hammer mill company

hammer mill bracket
grinder installed


This series of crusher adopts welded steel structure, and it’s motor and hammer mill rotor are mounted on a single base, using pin coupling direct drive, rotor passed dynamic balance test, and can work in reverse. The operating door is with safety interlock device to ensure that the operation door can not be opened when rotor is rotating. The mill feed inlet is at the top, which is compatible with various forms of feeding mechanism, hammer is arranged symmetrically. The structure of machine is simple and durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, operate and maintain ,and the vibration is light and productivity is high .

There are coarse and fine grinder series to choose from, which is suitable for finely pulverizing of fiber, fine materials, high moisture materials and brittle materials, with high yield and low energy consumption.

Crushing Chamber / Screen

Hammer blades and rotor inside. The high speed rotating hammers make the raw material corn grain into powder. and there are screen at the sides of the chamber.

hammer mill blade

Hammer blades

Q345steel as the material of hammer blades, working faces use hardening treatment, surfacing tungsten carbide alloy.

Supporting equipment:

Cyclong system with Fan ,Dust bag, air shutter; Feeding system with hopper, screw conveyor or bucket elevator, Impeller feeder, bellow and bracket.

hammer mill types

hammer mill plant
crushing set