chicken feed plant Tajikistan
3 tph chicken feed plant Tajikistan

Installation Location: Tajikistan

Capacity: 3-4 ton per hour

Total power: 130 kw

Occupy Area: About Length 10.4 * Width 5.2 * Height 11.4 * Depth 3 m

Main equipment of the production line: SFSP 56×40 water drop hammer mill, Bucket elevator, SLHY 1.2 horizontal feed mixer, SZLH 320 feed pellet machine, SKLN 14 cooler, SFJZ 80×2 Vibration sifter, automatic packing machine, etc.

Main raw material: maize, soya meal and concentrate, etc.

Pellet size: 2 mm and 3 mm

Production line application: Production of various poultry feed

Problems during installation: Language problems, electricity problem and so on

Project installers: 8 people

Project installation days: 20 days

Feed plant operators: (adding premix * 1 person, granulating * 1 control room * 1 person, packaging 2 people)

Chicken Feed Plant Design Flow Chart:

3-4tph poultry feed plant flow chart

In order to speed up the feed market share and improve productivity and efficiency, customers in Tajikistan quickly reached a cooperation agreement with Double Crane Machinery and introduced professional and efficient 3-4 TPH broiler feed production equipment.

Chicken feed plant started in mid-2020, and the installation was successfully completed and the test machine was successfully completed in November 2020. Now officially put into production.

Double Crane Machinery has won the trust and recognition of customers with its high-quality design solutions and strong manufacturing capabilities.

We sincerely provide all kinds of feed manufacturing plant project, as long as you contact us, you can leave it to us from design to construction.