Product Description

Alfalfa Hay Pellet Mill Plant is also called the grass pellet plant, which can be used to process and shape a variety of forage pellets. We provide complete equipment and pelletizing production lines for processing and producing straw, hay, alfalfa and other pellets.

Alfalfa pellet machine uses the extrusion molding process, does not change the nature of the material, does not need to add any adhesive, directly presses, one-time molding, low loss, less waste, the molding rate is as high as 95%, pure green and environmentally friendly, it is a modern pasture pellet Deep processing equipment.

Alfalfa has high yield and nutrient content, and is suitable for various livestock and poultry. For a long time, alfalfa has been an excellent animal feed. After being processed into grass pellets, it can greatly preserve its own nutritional value. After high temperature maturation in the pellet machine, it can promote the digestion and absorption of animals.

Alfalfa Hay Pellet Mill Plant

Main Components of Alfalfa Hay Pellet Mill Plant

grass chaff cutter machine

Grass Chaff Cutter Machine

alfalfa pellet machine

Alfalfa Pellet Machine

multifunctional biomass crusher

Multifunctional Biomass Crusher

Horizontal Poultry Feed Mixer

Animal Feed Mixer

Advantage of Alfalfa Pellets

1. Improve feed digestibility and absorption rate, which can greatly increase unit output and reduce feed cost.

2. Reduce animal picky eaters, because after alfalfa grass is crushed and pelleted, it is not easy for cattle and sheep to choose what they like, thereby reducing waste and ensuring nutrition.

3. Storage and transportation are more economical. After alfalfa is pressed into pellets, the storage space can be greatly reduced, which is more conducive to storage and transportation, and reduces storage and transportation costs.

4. Avoid automatic classification of feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution.

5. Killing Salmonella in animal feed. The high temperature produced by the pellet machine can kill many protobacteria and reduce the diarrhea of cattle and sheep.

Flow chart for Forage grass pellet plant

Applications of Alfalfa Pellet Mill Plant

Alfalfa Hay Pellet Mill Plant has a wide range of applications. It can process 100% pure grass pellets, and can also add 10%-50% energy feed and grass such as grain, grain, corn, and soybean meal. It can be compressed into grass mixed pellet feed for ruminants such as cattle and sheep.

Grass pellet processing units are currently widely used in large cattle and sheep farms in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Xinjiang in China. A full set of production equipment has been built in Malaysia, Mexico, Africa and other regions and countries.